Lighthouse Woodturners
Promoting Woodturning in South Mississippi
Tres Lennep
Demonstrating Hollowing
    March 2015
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Larry Matchett
Demonstrating a split bowl
April 2015
Joe Sanders
Demonstrating a Mushroom
May 2015
Breck Whitworth
Demonstrating Thin Bowl Turning and Piercing
June 2015
Bud Ehlert
Demonstrating Pine Knot Turning

July 2015
Fred Messer Demontrating Tool Handles
                   August 2015
Shahdad Naghshpour Demonstrating Boxes
September 2015
Randal Baragona
Demontrating Christmas Ornaments
Larry Matchett
Demonstrating Eccentric Turning
Larry Matchett & Johnny Hughes
Demonstrating Turning Spheres
Breck Whitworth
Demonstrating Turning Spoons and Forks
Shahdad Naghshpour
Demonstrating Fluting
Joe Sanders
Demonstrating a Homemade Rose Engine
Breck Whitworth
Demontrating Bowl Turning
Johnny Hughes & Larry Matchett
Demonstrating Turning Pens
Carl Powe  Dwight Tellier Joe Sanders
Demonstrating Segmenting
Breck Whitworth demonstrating split hollow forms
Joe Sanders and Dwight Tellier demontrating inside out turning
Tres Lennep demontrating Leichenstein Burner
Johnny Hughes demonstrating Magic Salt shaker
Larry demonstrating captured ring goblet
Tinker, Joe, and Larry demonstrating Rose Engines
Mark Sillay demonstrating turning techniques
Randal demonstrating pierced boxes
Bud Ehlert demontrating dust hazards in the shop
Tres demonstrating sharpening techniques
Mike Demonstrating turning Corian
Tres Demontrating Turning Beads with a Parting Tool
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Donnie Demonstrating 3D Platter
Tres demonstrating Chistmas Ornaments
Joe Demonstating Three Cornered Bowl
Larry, Jim and Joe Demonstrating color and jigs